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HOW TO: Build Twitter Followers

Build Twitter Followers We have compiled 6 tips and tricks on how to build twitter followers. By having strong twitter followers, you increase your chances of having your content shared and enjoyed.

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HOW TO: Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

5 Tips on How-To Optimize Your Google+ Business Page Google+ has emerged as a key player in the Local SEO space, and this week, Google+ opened its doors to companies by introducing business pages.


HOW TO: Map Your Domain Name to Work with Tumblr

Professional Identity on Tumblr Establish a more professional identity for your Tumblr blog. Instead of entering your Tumblr URL to view your blog, visitors enter your domain name’s URL. For example, visitors could go to www.awesomestuff.com instead of awesomestuff.tumblr.com.


HOW TO: Increase your Facebook Fans

If You Build it Will They Come? If you build a Facebook Page, will fans come? This is the great hope for many business owners. However, fans do not appear from the Facebook mist. Competition for attention is fierce and many users might be coping with Facebook fatigue.


HOW TO: Set up a free QR Code

Setting up a free QR Code We have put together a quick tutorial on what a QR Code is, and how you can set one up for free. We even included a trick on how to incorporate your new QR Code into preexisting marketing material.


HOW TO: Display Twitter updates on your website or Facebook page

Widgets let you display Twitter updates on your website or Facebook page Twitter widgets are compatible with any website and most social networks. Simply choose the one that matches where you would like to include it.


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