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NEWS: Facebook Tests .edu-Exclusive Groups

Safe Sharing on Facebook In an effort to revive the feeling of safe sharing within an exclusive community, Facebook has begun testing a new “Groups At [University]” feature.


420 Characters: Status Updates Tell Their Own Story

420 Characters by Lou Beach Illustrator Lou Beach started practicing his writing on Facebook out of boredom in 2009.


NEWS: Two Mercks ONE Facebook

Merck Germany is accusing Merck America of squatting on its page. FRANKFURT—German drug maker Merck KGaA has asked a New York City court to force Facebook Inc. to explain how the German company lost its page on the social-networking site to U.S.-based rival Merck & Co.


TIPS: 5 Facebook Marketing Dont’s

Five Facebook Marketing Dont’s There’s an art to communicating in an atmosphere that’s supposed to be about sharing, not selling. We have compiled Five Marketing Don’ts for businesses building a Facebook presence.


WHAT IS: Facebook Seamless Sharing

Frictionless Sharing aka Seamless Sharing Facebook recently instituted a new program that makes it easy for 3rd party websites and services to automatically post links about your activity elsewhere back into Facebook and the newsfeeds of your friends. It’s called Seamless Sharing.


FACEBOOK NEWS: People Reached Replacing Impression Rate

Facebook Wall Stat Changes The latest stat changed on Facebook is the switch from Impression Rate to People Reached. Every wall post used to have the impression rate and the Feedback %.

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