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HOW TO: Optimize Your Google+ Business Page

5 Tips on How-To Optimize Your Google+ Business Page Google+ has emerged as a key player in the Local SEO space, and this week, Google+ opened its doors to companies by introducing business pages.


Google Music is Open for Business

Google’s New Music Store Google Music is open in the U.S. at, and over the next few days, we will roll out the music store to Android Market on devices running Android 2.2 and above.

Google social media

Google Adds +1 Button to Image Search

Google +1 Button finds a new home! The +1 button, was introduced in March as an answer to Facebook’s “Like,” button. Its the equivalent of a Thumbs Up of approval from Google users. Over the summer, +1s have made their way next to news articles, websites and even advertisements.

Google social media

NEWS: Google+ Launches Brand Pages

Google+ Launches Brand Pages Google is finally allowing businesses and brands to join Google’s social network. The new Google+ brand pages look similar to Google+ Profiles, except for the little square icon that differentiates it’s a Page and not a Profile.

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8 Business Benefits of Social Media

8 Business Benefits of using Social Media There’s a lot of “buzz” surrounding social media these days. If you still haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon (Twitter, Facebook & Youtube) here are 8 benefits that social media can have for your business.


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