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HOW TO: Increase your Facebook Fans

If You Build it Will They Come? If you build a Facebook Page, will fans come? This is the great hope for many business owners. However, fans do not appear from the Facebook mist. Competition for attention is fierce and many users might be coping with Facebook fatigue.


Facebook Designed Social Plugins for your Website

Facebook Social Plugins for your Website Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. They also allow you to create a seamless transition between your personal or business website and your Facebook profile.


HOW TO: Display Twitter updates on your website or Facebook page

Widgets let you display Twitter updates on your website or Facebook page Twitter widgets are compatible with any website and most social networks. Simply choose the one that matches where you would like to include it.

Social media bandwagon

8 Business Benefits of Social Media

8 Business Benefits of using Social Media There’s a lot of “buzz” surrounding social media these days. If you still haven’t jumped on the social media bandwagon (Twitter, Facebook & Youtube) here are 8 benefits that social media can have for your business.

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