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Naples Car Storage Company Aims to Connect with Car Collectors Online

The Vault of Naples announces that its meticulously designed new exclusive vehicle storage facility, in Naples, will open its doors to car collectors during the first quarter of 2016. The Vault of Naples aims to show Naples car aficionados what can be achieved with long term car storage when designed by and organization with exotic […]


NEWS: Facebook Tests .edu-Exclusive Groups

Safe Sharing on Facebook In an effort to revive the feeling of safe sharing within an exclusive community, Facebook has begun testing a new “Groups At [University]” feature.


NEWS: Google employees now testing Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Employees testing Android 4.0 As it turns out, Google employees are the lucky guinea pigs for testing Android 4.0 on the Nexus S, and Mountain View’s minions have now begun crowing about their superiority.


NEWS: Twitter Boosts Advertising Efforts

Twitter Boosts Advertising Efforts Since launching its Promoted Tweets offering last year, Twitter has referenced plans for a self-serve product to further boost advertising efforts. It seems its moment has finally arrived.


NEWS: Carrier IQ Tracking Scandal

Carrier IQ: A Diagnostic Tool Carrier IQ, a diagnostic tool installed in millions of smartphones all over the world, is gathering a lot of info about your activity – possibly even recording keystrokes, content of SMS messages and more – and sending it to a third party.


NEWS: Two Mercks ONE Facebook

Merck Germany is accusing Merck America of squatting on its page. FRANKFURT—German drug maker Merck KGaA has asked a New York City court to force Facebook Inc. to explain how the German company lost its page on the social-networking site to U.S.-based rival Merck & Co.

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